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Sales Territory Mapping – Where do I start?

I hear it every day.  “I think you guys have a mapping application that can help with sales planning.  I manage a sales force and I need to establish territories that make sense for our business.”

Of course, the sales territory issues vary from business to business.  Some companies have established territories that are outdated.  Other businesses have lopsided territories that need to be rebalanced. Others are mired in out-of-the-way travel costs, as remote customer locations force sales people to crisscross the nation to keep in touch with decision makers.  Still others are brand new to the concept of sales territory management.

Starting the process of designing sales territories is a big challenge.  It requires planning, logic, and in many cases, trial and error.  Sometimes you have to take a chance to make something happen – or at least just start creating sales territories. Sales territory assignment will also require justification.  Sales people are motivated by commissions.  If your new sales territories impact existing commission plans – and it is very likely that they will – you’ll need to justify your actions or risk losing critical sales’ support for your sales territory management.

Map Business Online helps in the process of designing sales territories by offering an affordable web-based mapping solution that can provide demographic maps of the USA that inform sales territory design decisions, provide easy-to-create and adjustable sales territory boundaries, while helping you to export supporting data to Excel for baseline record keeping and to support the sales territory discussion.

Start by Mapping Your Business Data

As a manager, it’s your job to lay out a plan. The best way to outline a plan is to start with data. Perhaps you’ll use existing sales data, back three years.  Or you could start with population or median income demographics. Every company has a different data focus used for measuring success. The trick is to upload your data, with some location component, to a map – make sure you have a zip code, county, state and/or an address associated with your business data.

In the below map example, a sales director conducts a quick USA wide analysis of Census population by state using Map Business Online Census demographics.

Business Planning by Population

Her sales people are spread out nationwide.  She’ll need sales territories established by state – at least for a first pass.  She uses the Map Business Online polygon search tool to select groups of states that conform roughly to population centers. She can then take these territories to her sales managers and discuss details.  Later she can easily add or subtract states from or add states to any sales territory to match the realities of sales requirements.

ABC Co Sales Territories 1st Draft

These first draft templates are used as a place to start the discussion.  Issues such as travel budgets, current work loads, customer headquarters vs. remote locations, and 2013 sales quotas will be topics they’ll review.

In New England, she decides to break up the states into sales territories by county. One of her New England Reps has been promoted to sales manager in California. They’ll need to review her accounts and get them assigned to the appropriate rep.  This map can be used to help accomplish that rearrangement.  Here our sales director imports an Excel spreadsheet of pre-assigned territories by county using the Create Territories on Import Button in Map Business Online.

Loretta's Acts

Importing your business data into a web map is a great place to start assigning accountability by territory.

Once you’ve established sales territory boundaries and started to discuss these issues with your sales group you’ll have more ideas about how you can manage sales territories in your particular business using a web map. Other uses of Map Business Online for sales management include:

  • General resource management – Clearly display where all of your resources, stores, or sales associates are located based on imported addresses (not real-time).
  • Conduct radius searches – Search your data geographically with radius mapping and export results for use in third-party applications.
  • Share map views – Embed compelling maps in presentations, push interactive map URLs to your constituents, or print large format wall maps to communicate key business objectives.
  • Display customers – Import a list of customers and prospects and display them on the map. Color code and symbolize by status type or label data points with five key attributes.
  • Zip code maps – Create territories by zip code or county, add Census demographic data. Export lists to CSV and Excel files.
  • Sales trip planning – Select customer or prospects within a radius of a starting point. Achieve efficient, multi-stop and optimized vehicle routing for up to forty stops per route.

Web-based mapping software is here and it’s affordable.  Join thousands of your professional peers and start using Map Business Online today.

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Author: Geoffrey Ives

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